11m DX conditions May 07′

A very difficult month to write a report for with far more stations and divisions than it is possible to list! Yes, sporadic E has returned.

Notable activity on LSB in the evenings with the Caribbean, West Indies and the USA all received & a few worked by stations in the UK.

Also a good amount of very short hop skip during the daytime sometimes only 250 miles. I personally enjoyed much success on FM working stations both mobile and base in the south of England.

Very nice to see all modes used this past month as well as a rise in activity in the 26mhz range.

Divisions worked by TM members inc:

A notable amount of TM members making contact with each other, Thank you to all the TM’s I spoke with.

As always if you have some info for this section, please email me.

With the arrival of the group QSL cards and the new group frequencies we should have a very productive time on air. Good luck all for June.

73’s & Good DX.
108 TangoMike 742

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