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TMQSL0716AWelcome to the Tango Mike DX Group. Tango Mike is an offshoot of the popular radio forum website https://www.transmission1.net/

We formed the DX group in November 2006 as many CB operators across the UK and beyond are beginning to get back into the radio and DX hobby. Propagation on the 11 meter band is currently at a low but we expect this to rise over the next few years and contacts worldwide will be possible on a regular basis, particularly now we are at the sunspot maximum.

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>>> Tango Mike Group Net <<<

Every Sunday 18.30-21.30 UTC (19.30-22.30 BST) on 27.535 MHz USB. Listen out for other Tango Mike members on this frequency! Should this frequency be busy or propagation strong the secondary frequency we meet on is 26.515 MHz LSB

Tango Mike DX Group Monitor the following frequencies regularly:

27.555 MHz USB – Main International Calling Frequency
27.535 MHz USB – Group Net Frequency 1
26.515 MHz LSB – Group Net Frequency 2
27.84125 MHz FM – (Ch 25) – UK Legal FM Group Net

Tango Mike welcomes new members from the UK and beyond. Our aim is not to become the biggest group but have a friendly set of like-minded members who enjoy making long distance contacts on the bands and exchanging QSL cards with other groups worldwide. Basic membership is free although a small fee will be charged if you wish to make use of the group PO Box and redirection service.

Although many of our members use USB and LSB as preferred forms of communication membership is open to those who work other modes such as their local FM frequencies. It should be noted that FM can make incredible high quality contacts under the right conditions using legal amounts of power and equipment. As we are a freeband organisation we allow you to use your callsign anywhere on the 11m band but ask you to respect your local radio regulations.

Please note that we no have a direct PO Box number available due to exponential price rises by the Royal Mail.  We encourage users to make alternative arrangements such as eQSL online.