Important! Change of group PO BOX Details from Feb 2012

Please note that from February 2012 the TM PO Box number and address is changing.

The new details to give out to your contacts on the air is:

PO Box 62
United Kingdom

Please start to use these these details as the old PO Box (170) is closing soon.

Any mail already on the way to the other box will still be collected as usual and forwarded in the same way it always has been but we need to move to the new number as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the PO Box number of the TM group changing?

We are having to make changes to the TM PO Box due to the increasing fees that Royal Mail are now charging for the services they provide to us as a group. Since 2010 PO Box fees have increased a staggering 80% in the space of just one year.  Even worse from April 2012 the government is also applying VAT on top of PO Box service fees making another price rise imminent at our next renewal date. With the current level of usage and the contributions received in our group we cannot afford to keep subsidising the cost of running the current PO Box number. Therefore we are partnering with another radio group and splitting the costs between us in order to ensure that the PO Box facility is sustainable now and in the foreseeable future. Royal Mail is really increasing the prices and we are not a business or a charity, therefore we have to find a solution that suits the group.

Does this mean that you are going to give my name and address to another person or hand our details over to a third party who will forward cards to us?

Absolutely not! This will NOT happen. All that is happening is a change of physical location. Any cards addessed to the TM group are simply forwarded up to us at the HQ and we then continue to seperate and forward cards onto those members who have joined the PO Box service as before. No databases are changing hands and everything operates in exactly the same way.

I’ve already sent out mail with the old QSL card address. Does this mean my post will be lost?

No, if you already have given out the old PO Box address then don’t worry, the mail will still arrive as we have a “grace” period but you should update your QSL package information as soon as possible to avoid any issues. Don’t forget to update any stickers, self addressed envelopes or web pages that feature your TM call and PO Box number!

Can I shorten the new address, it looks a little long?

The address shown above is the official one preffered by Royal Mail. However, it is acceptable to use the following and mail should still arrive:

PO Box 62, WV7 3WR, UK or Po Box 62, Whampton WV7 3WR.

Any further questions? Please feel free to contact us through the link provided on this website here. We will do our best to help and advise.

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