11m DX conditions February 08′

February was again as expected very quiet. Minimal solar activity and no other strong openings to speak of.

The first week was very disheartening. On the 4th it was possible to make some contacts but with much QSB closing by the afternoon. The 8th brought some conditions with UK to 1,13,14,19,30,31,35 with the sound of a busy triple five.

The 9th was the best for a long time again most EU divisions were heard and worked. Many a TM station to be heard also, I personally spoke with seven members, ty all.
163TM088 – Fez
26TM046 – Paul
26TM420 – Rikki
26TM158 – Simon
26TM037 – Mark
26TM212 – Paul
19TM145 – Andy

My working conditions for the 7 TM contacts.
My working conditions for the 7 TM contacts

The 10th brought slightly longer path skip, divisions heard inc: 34,196,14,30, and also a marine mobile 66/19TSM495.
From the 11th it stayed very quiet until the morning of the 15th divisions heard and worked were: 13,14,15,19,26,30,161.
The 16th also brought some conditions with 13,14,15,21,26,47,161 heard and wkd from the UK.

From the 17th to the 23rd the odd voice would break the squelch but no real propagation around. The 24th brought CQ calls from 3 div although no contact was made. On the 25th 26TM066 rx’d 43 division but unfortunately couldnt make the QSO as QSB took the signal.

Through to the end of the month silence ruled with only the odd low call in the squelch. I was lucky to be on air during a very short opening on the 29th whilst static mobile I had a QSO with 56/21RS17m on 5w USB. A div I havent worked since returning to 11m.

Please contact me with your highlights and/or pics and be included in next months report.

73s & Good DX for March,