Easter DX Event 2008

East DX Event

Delboy from the Delboy Enterprises website has arranged another Easter DX event for 2008!

This is a two day event planned for 23rd/24th March 2008 for CB users around the UK. All DX groups are welcome to participate and even if there are no band conditions over the weekend many users at the previous events found they could make excellent groundwave contacts by taking to the hills.

It is suggested that legal FM users monitor Channel 25 on UK and EU bands and Freebanders should monitor the normal 27.555 MHz USB calling frequency.

Tango Mike members will be supporting this event around the UK and operates are encouraged to submit photos of the event for us to place in the gallery. We will upload the best photos to the website after the weekend. Mail your pictures through to [email protected]  – we want to see those big yagis on the hill tops!

If you’ve not been to Delboy’s website before it’s certainly worth checking out, especially the babes section!!

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