11m DX conditions June 07′

The month of June provided an expected extension of May’s propagation. As per May we had continued use of 26mhz and both AM and LSB, many stations actually calling and QSY to LSB to try and find some clear air to hold a QSO. I personally had a couple of QSO’s whilst mobile in low 26mhz frequencies.

Divisions wkd are much the same as May also but with a little more 9 div Canada and 2 div USA aswell as the regular appearance of 27 div Iceland all heard and wkd by TM members. Short skip continued in June with regular QSO’s held around the 200/250mile range.

The propagation seemed to have a quiet day or so followed by very intense periods of 2 to 3 days. On a daily basis stations could be heard and wkd until the early hours of the morning.
With an earlier start to each day around 6.30am bringing some stations 5/9.

Again continued contacts made between TM members on air. Many new members to the group also recently, welcome all.

A special mention for Simon 26TM001 and his awesome contact with 304 Division Estonia on FM 27.215 MHz around 22.30. An excellent contact with 5/9 reports both ways and made whilst static mobile.

I hope for a good July to all and maybe hear you on the air?

73’s & good DX

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