11m DX conditions, Monthly report.

I shall be compiling a monthly report of the skip activity for each month as it ends, I.E. 1st March will cover February.
And would gratefully appreciate your input.
Basically If you can email me with the details of the divisions/stations you wish to be noted then I shall try and compile an accurate picture of how conditions have been for each month. Please inc: Date,mode,div. your TM call sign and location. My email is [email protected]
We cannot inc every call sign submitted but will consider any special messages. I also hope to have info on upcoming events and dxpeditions etc on 11m.
So check in regularly and please feel free to contact me with any info or suggestions.

Only condition reports from 108 Div so far,
USB freq monitored 27.555 unless stated.
January 07,
2nd: 1,13,14,19,26,29,30,35,169. Divisions received with most of these wkd also.
Mostly USB with 13 div also on CEPT FM.
3rd: 43,29 Divisions received USB.
4th: 30,35 Divisions received USB.
6th: 35,44 Divisions received USB.
16th: 14 Division received CEPT FM.
24th: 1,30 Division received USB.
25th: 1,13,14,15,19,30,35, Division received,
with all but 30,19 wkd.
26th: 14,30,108 Division received USB.
In between these dates it was very quiet from here.

108 Tangomike 742

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