PO Box Update

This weekend Tango Mike is applying to Royal Mail for use of a PO Box. Several members have already paid their subs and they have been informed about the lead time on setting up the post office box. Basically we are looking at having the PO Box operational by the first week in March 2007 but this is subject to the post office setting up the provision at my local office once payment has been made.

For those members who are thinking of joining the PO Box and redirection service then please do so now – it will make life easier for managing when subs are due to be renewed. Once you have paid you are covered for a whole years use and this year will start from when the PO Box is set up – so don’t worry about paying early, you’ll still get the full year.

I’ll post again once we have some more details from Royal Mail regarding progress on our application.

Thanks for your support.

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