11m DX conditions, February 07′

A very quiet month for the 11m band with very low solar activity and minimal sporadic E.
USB, Freq monitored 27.555 unless stated.
February 07,
2nd: REC 14 division.
8th: late afternoon into evening I received
1,13,14,15,16,19,30,47,161 divisions.
With contact’s made to all but 16,30 division.
9th: REC 14 division.
11th: REC 1,13,14,30,31,26,19,109 divisions.
14th: REC 13,14,15,26,29,30 divisions
with contacts to: 14,15,26 divisions.
Good on EU block FM/AM/USB also a little on ch19FM muppets.
16th: A C class flare occurred at 01.30.
24th: 43 division rec by 26TM008 “Dave” on
27.555 with a S3 R5.
Over the last 5 days in Feb I had some low voices on 27.555 but nothing workable.

Good luck for March. 73’s
108 TangoMike 742

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