11m DX conditions, March 07′

Another mainly quiet month with spurts of propagation lasting a matter of minute’s at time’s.
USB, Freq monitored 27.555 unless stated.
The first 4 days produced low voices in the squelch with a CQ call from 26div finally heard but we failed to establish a QSO.

43 Div also reported into Europe and the UK from around the 6th for a few days.

The 9th had 26TM123 “Eddie” manage his 1st return to air QSO with a 1 Div station. Well done!
163TM321 “George” Heard 30,34 divisions and briefly heard a 3 division (Brazil) station calling dx from south America.

The 11th saw a serious boost in propagation. I started the day with a contact to the Oscar Delta activation from 13 division, followed by several QSO’s with 3 Division Brazil. I ended the days Dxing with a very nice QSO into 119 Division Madeira.
163TM321 “George” also had contacts with
3 Div – 161 Div – 173 Div.

The 12th saw 26TM256 “Dave” RX 34 Division.
26TM123 “Eddie” Managed a QSO with 116 Div Turkey very early in the morning on the 19th.

The 21st brought good RX conditions between
1420 and 1445.
I had: 3SD101 – 3SD100 – 3SD167
Also 1 and 30 divisions. All RX only.

The 23rd was very good RX conditions again.
I had: 1 Div – 3 Div – 34 Div.

The 24th was by far the most consistent so far:
QSO’s with:
16 ZK01
1 PC001
14 DL134
35 SL235
15 KW01
14 RB499

The 25th was good for receive only here,
1, 3, 30, 73 divisions on RX.

The 28th was better for TX,
I had a QSO with 34AT137 and had much
South America on RX.
26TM256 “Dave” had 1 div on RX.
Whilst 163TM321 “George” managed a QSO with 34AT137 also as well as a fantastic contact with 4LR001.
An amazing distance, well done indeed.
****Also A Tangomike was RX’d on skip by myself,****
(Believed to be 163TM321).

The 29th had a burst of 4-5mins of short hop skip approx 200 – 300 miles from my QTH.
Some CQ calls from 34 division. Coming in 5 x 9 here.
26TM256 “Dave” had a fantastic 44 division station on RX as well as 34AT137.

For the last half of March voices were audible on 27.555 most of the day and into the night, however not workable. Short hop skip occurring on the 29th and 30th for 10 – 20 seconds at a time with a range of around 200 – 300 miles.

Good luck for April. 73s
108 TangoMike 742

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