Changes to the TM PO Box Service

Lifetime memberships are now available to the TM PO Box Service!

Tango Mike group is making some changes in the way that the PO Box service operates that will benefit many more members and hopefully encourage people to give the PO Box service a try for their DX activities. We suggest that you read through the following notes to understand how the changes can benefit you as a new or existing member.

For a reasonable one-off fee of just £7.00 you can now join the PO Box Service and this is all you need to pay. No annual fee, no redirection credits (subject to a fair use policy).

For existing members past and present, an automatic upgrade to lifetime membership is free of charge and you have already been changed over to the new service!

If you’ve been wanting to join a PO Box number for a while or simply put it off then there’s never been a better time to do this than now.

For full details please refer to the this page:

Any questions please feel free to contact me and I will try to help

United Kingdom

73 and good DX
Simon, 26TM001

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